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If you are a rock hound, or just love gem materials, you have probably come across agate. But what exactly is agate? How does it differ from other opaque gem materials?  And where can you find it?

This guide will help clear up the confusion about agate and explain why so many people love it.

We will also share the best pieces we found on  They have gorgeous examples of some of the prettiest agates, at amazing prices.

You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get something beautiful, interesting and that is a conversation starter.

But first, let's discuss the basic information about agate.

What is Agate?

Agates are a type of semi-precious stone that is made up of microcrystalline quartz, Chalcedony. agate is a variety of Chalcedony.

Agate is identified by its bands or stripes in different colors. It forms from deposits within volcanic rock and can come in almost any color imaginable.

Multi-color Agate Slices, Healing Crystals Geode Stones

The most common colors are white, gray, black, red, and yellow or even translucent. It can also be found in rare colors such as blue or purple. When cut and polished, they form a pattern of concentric bands.

American West Sterling Silver Ring Grey Rectangular Agate

Agate is a type of quartz that has been formed over millions of years by the movement of water through volcanic rock; silica-rich solutions fill cavities in the rock and then harden into their unique layered structure.

It's found throughout the world, from Brazil to India to Mexico and beyond (see below) but the most sought-after stones come from Brazil.

How Do Agates Differ From Other Stones?

Agates are often compared to quartz because they both contain silicon dioxide (SiO2) molecules. However, agates have a much smaller grain (microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline) size than quartz, making them very unique.

Additionally, agates also contain trace amounts of iron oxide which gives them their distinct earthy tones. The combination of these two elements makes agate one of the most beautiful stones on the market today!

Agate Slice Stone Pendants with Chain Adjustable 17"-29" 

The Benefits of Buying Agate Jewelry

Because of their interesting patterns, agates have been sought after for centuries and were once even used to ward off bad luck or evil spirits.

Agate has long been believed to bring balance and harmony to its wearer, helping them find emotional stability during times of stress or crisis and bringing clarity during moments of confusion.

The gemstone also helps increase self-confidence while calming fear and anxiety. Additionally, agates are thought to be connected with nature, which can help create a sense of peace and tranquility within its wearer.

Why Wear Agate Jewelry?

Agates make beautiful jewelry pieces that can be worn every day for protection against negative energy or on special occasions for an extra bit of luck and good vibes!
                                                                                                                    The vibrant colors found in natural agates make each piece truly unique, allowing its wearer to express themselves through the jewelry they choose. The gentle pale violet-blue of Blue Lace Agate and rich earth tones of Brown Banded Agate are very popular.

Blue Lace Agate Pendant

There are more intricate patterns such as Picture or Scenic agate, that resemble landscapes, these are collectibles and so very interesting and beautiful.

Fire Agate: Displays iridescent layers, opal effect

Moss agate: interesting inclusions that resemble moss on rocks with dendritic inclusions (branch-like appearance.)

Natural Moss Agate Crystal Pendant Necklace, Energy Healing Crystals, Gemstone Jewelry 18 Inch Chain

Whether you prefer rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, there is an agate piece out there for everyone! The distinct multi-colored layering of this gemstone is captivating and absolutely stunning on white surfaces like shirt cuffs or ladies blouses or sweaters.

When buying jewelry with agate, you can rest assured that your piece will last a lifetime. The durability of this stone means that it won’t scratch or break easily, so it will stay looking beautiful for years to come.

Beautiful agate is also used to make decorative items, such as bowls, bookends, and display items.

Hand Carved Agate Bowl - Meditation Decor - Positive Energy Stones Reiki Healing Crystal Set - Seven Chakra Tumbled Stones

Plus, because each piece is completely unique due to its natural formation process, no two pieces will ever be alike – making your jewelry truly special!

Agate is relatively affordable when compared to other precious gems like diamonds and rubies, so they are great gifts without breaking the bank!

How Can You Tell If An Agate Is Genuine?

It can be difficult to tell if an agate is genuine without undergoing extensive testing; however, there are some key features to look out for when shopping for an authentic piece.

First, check the color – genuine agates usually appear a bit duller than imitation or dyed agate because their coloring isn't as bright or intense as imitations tend to be.

Dying to emphasize color bands is completely acceptable as long as the treatment is disclosed.

Additionally, natural agate will often have small cracks or markings on their surface due to their formation process over time; these imperfections add character but don't necessarily detract from its beauty or durability!

Finally, feel the stone; genuine agates are heavier than imitations so they should feel heavy in your hand when you pick them up.

Gemstone Specifics:

SPECIES: Chalcedony (micro 0r cryptocrystalline quartz) - Variety -  Agate



COLOR RANGE: All colors, banded patterns

SOURCES INCLUDE: U.S. Mexico Brazil Uruguay Africa Madagascar

ENHANCEMENTS: Often dyed, must be disclosed to purchaser

HARDNESS: 6.5 - 7


CARE: Basic jewelry care - As is true with all gem materials, careful attention should be paid to the care and handling of Agate. Care should be taken not to knock the piece(s) against any hard surfaces to prevent breaking or chipping.


The blue in Blue Lace Agate is caused by iron in the chemical composition of the gem.


Agates are truly remarkable gemstones that offer beauty and durability at affordable price points. With their unique banding patterns and eye-catching colors, these stones are sure to add a special touch to any jewelry collection – no matter whom you’re buying for!

If you’re looking for something special and one-of-a-kind then consider agate – we promise you won’t regret it!

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