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Emerald is the King of all Beryls.

Emerald is the most valuable gemstone in the Beryl species. Its noble green color produced by elements of chromium or vanadium prompted the expression "emerald green." The most desired shade is a rich, pure green with a hint of blue.

Because the beautiful color of Emerald is the color of spring, the ancients prized it as the gemstone symbolizing love and rebirth. Spring can also be seen in the network of inclusions in the depth of the Emerald that is referred to as "jardin," the French word for garden because it resembles foliage.


Treasured for at least 4,000 years by different cultures all around the world, Emerald is said to quicken the intelligence, as well as the heart.

Emerald was known to be one of Cleopatra's favorite gemstones.

Elizabeth Taylor was not only known for her beauty, acting abilities, and tumultuous relationships and many marriages, but also her almost incomparable jewelry collection.

She especially loved emeralds and tells the story of first falling in love with them at age 12. Following the completion after filming National Velvet, she purchased her first emerald.

Following her death in 2011, an emerald necklace she owned sold at auction for 6.5 million dollars, approximated $280,000 per carat!

Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair With Jewelry

Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair With Jewelry

FUN FACT: The romance of emeralds has endured throughout centuries. The Incas believed that the green color was a symbol of fertility and rebirth.

Gemstone Specifics:


CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Hexagonal Columns

CHEMICAL FORMULA:   Be3Al2[Si6O18]+Cr Beryllium Aluminum Silicate + Chromium or V

COLOR RANGE: Bluish green to green to yellowish green. The finest color is a pure irresistible velvety green.

CAUSE OF COLOR: Chromium or Vanadium


Colombia Zambia Brazil Pakistan Afghanistan Russia Madagascar

ACCEPTABLE ENHANCEMENTS: Infused with colorless substances and surface oils. Surface oils can be reapplied at any time to bring back the surface brilliance.

HARDNESS: 7.5 - 8

TOUGHNESS: Fair to Poor


Do not use ultrasonic cleaning. Avoid sudden temperature changes.

Avoid contact with cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, or household chemicals

Because emeralds are almost always included (internal clarity characteristics and breaks) emerald is not a tough gemstone and special care is required.

You should know that Emeralds may chip or break if handled improperly.


Because large eye-clean emeralds with pure, deep, green are exceedingly rare; they can be more expensive than diamonds of comparable high quality.

14K YG Emerald Bracelet

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What are Chatham emeralds?

Chatham Emeralds are laboratory grown, with the same properties as mined emeralds, but with great color and fewer internal characteristics, also far less expensive than natural emeralds.

Carroll Chatham grew his first emerald crystals in 1935 in his basement.

The Company's motto at the time, "Customers cannot afford the emeralds they like and don't like the emeralds they can afford." Chatham Created Gems also produces other colored gemstones, such as ruby, as well as lab-created diamonds.

What are "Gardens" in emeralds?

Gardens, or jardin in French, are a romantic and ethereal reference to the internal world of emeralds.

As mentioned earlier, emeralds are almost always included with numerous trapped mineral crystals and a series of internal breaks that are visually apparent without the help of magnification.

These features interfere with the passage of light through the stones and if numerous and large enough, visually distracting.

Looking at this from a positive perspective, the internal condition represents the environment where the crystal formed millions of years ago.

This adds to the mystery of emeralds and the individual nature of each gem. These "gardens" can be quite beautiful.

Do emeralds have healing powers?

According to color scientists, green is the most soothing color to humans. Therefore, emerald is thought to aid in relaxation, calm the nerves, and alleviates eye strain.

It is also believed to give clairvoyant powers if placed under the tongue!

What occasions are appropriate to present an emerald?

Emerald is the official birthstone for May. It is also the designated gemstone for the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries.

Keep in mind that you really don't need a reason, "just because"  is all the excuse you need to gift a loved one emerald jewelry.

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