Are you looking for the perfect gift for a June birthday, graduation, or bride-to-be? You don't just want to buy "stuff", you want to buy gifts that will rise to the occasion. Stop scrolling and check out our review of the best gifts for these occasions!

Our reviews are based on quality, cost, and convenience. We’ve taken the time to make sure that each gift we feature is something that you would be proud to give.

Don’t waste any more time scouring the internet for the perfect gift. Our review of June birthday, graduation, and bridal gifts has everything you need to find the perfect gift for your special someone and maybe a treat for yourself. Let us help you make this occasion extra special with the perfect gift!

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14K Yellow Gold Mother of Pearl Inlay and Diamond Starburst Signet Ring


This Bujukan signet ring designed by Gabriel & Co. is both feminine and timeless and can be worn every day. Made of smooth 14K yellow gold, the shank meets a round signet surface that is surrounded by shiny golden beads. The inside has a mother-of-pearl inlay with a 0.14-carat diamond starburst. Signet rings are classic and have recently made a huge resurgence in popularity./p

  • Diamond and Mother-Of-Pearl Signet Ring
  • Collection: Gabriel & Co. Bujukan Collection
  • Style: Signet
  • Metal Type: 14k Yellow Gold
  • Total Diamond Weight: 0.14 carat
  • Average Diamond Clarity: SI2 or higher
  • Average Diamond Color: Faint Color
  • Gem Stone: Round Brilliant Cut
  • Finger sizes: 3-10

14K White Gold Diamond and Blue Sapphire Bursting Star Studs


The celestial beauty of the night sky comes alive in these 14K white gold diamond and blue sapphire bursting star studs. The captivating 0.10 carats of diamonds accent the marquis sapphires which radiate like sparkling constellations, making these earrings a true masterpiece of nature's grandeur. Meticulously crafted with precision and polished to perfection, these earrings are a symbol of sophisticated glamour and elegance. What a fitting gift for any occasion!

  • Diamond and Sapphire Earrings
  • Collection: Lusso Color
  • Style: Stud
  • Metal Type:14k White Gold
  • Total Diamond Weight: 0.10 carats
  • Average Diamond Clarity: SI2 or higher
  • Average Diamond Color: Faint Color
  • Gem Stone: Sapphire

14K Yellow Gold M Initial Necklace


Looking for a casual, but meaningful fun gift that is inexpensive? This initial necklace is a perfect choice. Available in all initials, it can be worn alone or included in a layered look. It has two adjustable lengths so it will fit everyone and can be adjusted to look great with any neckline.

  • Initial Necklace
  • Collection: Contemporary
  • Style: Initial M
  • Metal Type: 14k Yellow Gold
  • Chain Length: 17.50 inches

925 Sterling Silver Bujukan Amethyst Pendant Necklace


For the sterling silver lover on your gift list, this beautiful amethyst pendant is sure to capture their attention. This round-faceted amethyst reminds us of a disco ball from the 70s and it will reflect just as much light! And because it is a part of the Bujukan collection there are many complementary pieces to choose from, such as the matching earrings. If purple isn't her color, you can choose blue topaz or red garnet.

  • Bujukan Amethyst Pendant
  • Precious Metal: 925 Silver
  • Collection: Bujukan
  • Style: Pendant
  • Center Stone Shape: Round
  • Center Stone Size: 8 mm
  • Gem Stone: Amethyst
  • Chain Length: 17.50 in

14K Yellow Gold Diamond Drop Earrings


Dainty and delicate, these diamond drops will take you from day to evening without a care in the world. The lever backs closures are so comfortable and secure that they will stay in place until you want to take them off at the end of the night. Select from 14K yellow, white or rose gold.

  • 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings
  • Collection: Lusso
  • Style: Drop
  • Metal Type: 14k Yellow Gold (or 14K White or Rose Gold)
  • Total Diamond Weight 0.30 carats
  • Average Diamond Clarity: SI2 or higher
  • Average Diamond Color: Faint Color
  • Gem Stone: Diamond

14K Yellow Gold Bujukan Open Cuff Bracelet with Diamond Baguettes


This cuff bangle is crafted in 14K yellow gold featuring the beaded texture of the Bujukan design. It terminates in diamond finials that sparkle and baguette diamonds with cushion-shaped pavé diamond halos at the ends of the cuff. The bracelet is a stunning piece that you will love to wear frequently because of its beautiful design and as you can see above, stacks beautifully.

  • Bujukan Gold and Diamond Cuff Bracelet (Bujukan means Balinese act of persuasion)
  • Collection: Bujukan
  • Style: Bangle
  • Metal Type: 14k Yellow Gold
  • Total Diamond Weight: 0.30 carats
  • Average Diamond Clarity: SI2 or higher
  • Average Diamond Color: G-H Color
  • Gem Stone: Diamond

Avignon - French Pavé Eternity Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow - 0.85 ct


Perhaps you are looking for a wedding or anniversary band to send a message of eternal love. This Gabriel & Co. diamond eternity band will do just that. Available in a range of diamond weights and price points, you are sure to find the perfect one.

  • 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Band
  • Division: Devotion
  • Collection: Contemporary
  • Product Name: Avignon
  • Style: Eternity Band
  • Metal Type: 14k Yellow Gold
  • Stone Shape: Round
  • Total Diamond Weight: 0.85 carats (0.65. 1.25, 1.75 Total weight)
  • Average Diamond Clarity: SI2 or higher
  • Average Diamond Color: G-H Color
  • Gem Stones: Diamond
  • Finger Size: 4-8

14K Yellow Gold Pearl Wrap Around And Tie Necklace


Pearl is one of June's birthstones and this wrap-around necklace is an extraordinary example of Gabriel & Co.'s design expertise. This necklace can be worn in so many ways, casually with a sweater, as seen above, with a plunging neckline of a little black dress, or in a sophisticated look, down the open back of a flirty cocktail dress. How's that for versatility!!

  • Style: Gold Spheres
  • Metal Type: 14k Yellow Gold
  • Gem Stone: 2 Cultured Pearls
  • Chain Length: 42 inches

Product Quality

Gabriel & Co.'s approach to design is to use only the finest materials including 14k yellow and white gold as well as sterling silver and platinum to bring their designs to life. They also ensure the integrity of each piece and secure their precious stones with master craftsmanship. Their diamonds are graded from SI2 or higher in clarity and are near-colorless to colorless which guarantees their beauty.

At Gabriel & Co., they strive to bring quality jewelry at affordable prices, so that everyone can celebrate special occasions with an elegant gift that won't break the bank.


  • Affordable prices, so that everyone can celebrate special occasions with elegant gifts
  • 14K Yellow, White, or Rose gold platinum and sterling silver guarantees beauty and durability, ideal for everyday wear
  • Gold, Sterling Silver, and platinum with gemstones provide jewelry in price ranges that span the full spectrum, from $200-$20,000
  • A good balance of classic and modern designs
  • Most pieces are part of collections with complementary pieces for future gifting opportunities


  • The platinum and 14K gold pieces are more expensive than sterling silver, so they may not be the most budget-friendly option
  • Also, while Gabriel & Co. offers a good balance of classic and modern designs, some customers may prefer bolder styles
  • There may not be a physical location in or near the customer's city where they can see and try on pieces in person (click or tap for the store locator)
  • Gabriel & Co. may not carry the specific gemstone you are looking for


  • Gabriel & Co. offers a wide range of jewelry pieces that are made with quality materials and available at affordable prices. Their collection includes everything from sterling silver to platinum and diamonds. They also offer convenient payment plans through Klarna. Sign up to receive updates on promotional discounts and celebrate special occasions with an elegant gift without breaking the bank.


  • Precious metals such as sterling silver, 14K gold, and platinum need to be cleaned and polished regularly in order to keep them looking shiny and new. To clean these metals, use a soft cloth or jewelry cleaning solution specifically intended for the metal that you are cleaning.
  • Always avoid using harsh abrasives or chemical cleaners. Colored gemstones can also be cleaned by using a mild liquid soap, warm water, and a soft brush, or use the delicate jewelry cleaner we recommend below.
  • Remember that cultured pearls are an organic material and must never be exposed to chemicals, such as hair spray, or body lotions, or fragrance which will damage the nacre coating. Wipe them with a very damp cloth to remove dirt or fingerprints.

Connoisseurs Delicate Jewelry Cleaner


Q: What is the quality of Gabriel & Co. Jewelry?

A: Gabriel & Co. uses only the finest materials including 14k yellow and white gold as well as 925 sterling silver and 950 platinum. All gemstones are hand selected to ensure only the most beautiful stones are used in their designs.

Gabriel & Co. has been in business for more than 30 years and operates their own manufacturing facilities and each piece is handmade and includes an individual tracking number and certificate of authenticity.

Q. Does Gabriel & Co. have a return policy?

A. Yes, there is a full 30-day return policy. Click or Tap for the details.

Q. What is a baguette diamond?

A. A baguette diamond is a rectangular or square-cut diamond with straight long facets that accentuate the beautiful clarity and color of the diamond. Baguette diamonds are often used to frame the center stone in an engagement ring, but can also be featured in diamond band rings and colored gemstone rings.

Q. What is French pavé?

A. French pavé is a setting style that features small diamonds placed closely together to form a uniform surface of sparkling stones. The French pavé setting makes each diamond's sides visible by using small V-cuts or notches in the metal. The result is a stunning design that appears as if a diamond carpet has been draped over the piece. This setting style is often used for eternity rings, wedding bands, and other jewelry pieces where the emphasis is on sparkle and fire.

Q. What is the difference between a regular diamond band ring and an eternity band?

A. A regular diamond band ring features a single line of diamonds set halfway or a quarter way around the band with the remaining portion unadorned metal.

An eternity band has diamonds set around the entire circumference of the ring, the stones are usually flush with one another and continue all the way around without any breaks. This is meant to symbolize everlasting love or commitment. Some eternity bands have alternating colored gemstones and/or shapes as do part-way bands. Eternity bands are understandably more expensive.

Q. Where is the main Gabriel & Co. store?

A. In New York City


One thing is for sure, June is a big month for celebrations, whether it's birthdays, graduations, weddings, or Father's Day. Many people have more than one event to buy for so finding a reliable source, especially when it comes to fine jewelry, is important. We hope that with the eight pieces we've reviewed here, you can see that Gabriel & Co. is a quality jeweler that you can trust.

Their collections span from classic designs to modern styles that make it easy to find something unique and beautiful for everyone on your list. With convenient payment plans available through Klarna, their prices won’t break the bank either - plus they offer free, 2-day shipping so you don’t have to worry about time constraints when ordering online.

If you have a question that has not been addressed here, please leave it below in our Comment and Question area and we will be happy to answer it for you.

What's Next?

Now that you have read our review of the best birthday, graduation, and bridal gifts from Gabriel & Co., why not share your reaction by leaving a comment or forwarding the article to someone who might also be looking for a gift.  With the wide range of products available, there is sure to be something for everyone. Plus, with convenient payment plans offered through Klarna, they won't break the bank. So if you haven't already, tap or click the buttons above to start shopping now, and treat a loved one or yourself to a piece of jewelry that will be treasured for life!

Thank you again for stopping by and happy shopping!

Francesca de Granville, G.G., (GIA) F.G.A.

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