Welcome to the world of pearl perfection! Throughout time, pearls have been considered symbols of wealth and beauty. Now you can adorn yourself with Angara's stunning June birthstone jewelry that will capture all eyes in any room.

From pearl necklaces and earrings to pendants and rings, we've got an array of timeless pieces set in exquisite designs that make perfect gifts for your special occasions or simply a romantic everyday style statement.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, each piece offers superior craftsmanship while embodying the classic splendor of this precious gem.

So let us be part of your journey towards finding the perfect jewel that is sure to take you from day-time chic to after dark glamorize!

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Our Picks

Two Stone Freshwater Pearl Open Stackable Ring


This open ring is made of 14k white gold and can be worn in different ways. It has two Freshwater pearls and sparkling diamonds that are attached with prongs to enhance its elegance. If you are looking for an unusual band ring to add to your stack, this is a great start or addition to your stack. Or, if you are looking for a birthstone jewelry gift for a loved one, this ring is a terrific option.

Pearl Information

  • Number of Round Freshwater Cultured Pearl: 2
  • Approximate Dimensions: 5mm
  • Quality Grade: AAA Best
  • Setting Type: Peg
  • Luster: Very High
  • Mollusk: Hyriopsis Cumingi (specifically a freshwater mussel)
  • Nacre: Very Thick
  • Origin: China

Diamond Information:

  • Number of Round Diamond: 10
  • Enhancement: None
  • Diamond Total Weight: 0.08
  • Quality Grade: H Color SI2 Clarity
  • Setting Type: Prong

Japanese Akoya Pearl & Pear Garnet Drop Pendant


This contemporary pendant is made of 14k white gold and features an exceptionally high-luster Akoya cultured pearl. The pearl is adorned with a diamond accent and connected to an upside-down, pear-shaped garnet bale to create an elegant drop design. Japanese Akoya pearls are known for their incredible luster, much higher luster than natural pearls, and far rounder than natural pearls!

  • Metal: 14K White Gold
  • Chain Length: 18 Inches

Cultured Pearl Information:

  • Number of Round Akoya Pearls: 1
  • Approximate Dimensions: 8mm
  • Quality Grade: AAAA (Heirloom)
  • Setting Type: Peg
  • Luster: Ultra High
  • Mollusk: Pinctada Fucata
  • Nacre: Very Thick
  • Origin: Japan

Gemstone Information:

  • Number of Pear Garnet: 1
  • Enhancement: None
  • Type: Natural
  • Approximate Dimensions: 5x3mm
  • Approximate Total Carat Weight: 0.25
  • Quality Grade: AAAA (Heirloom)
  • Setting Type: Prong

Diamond Information:

  • Number of Round Diamonds: 1
  • Enhancement: None
  • Diamond Total Weight: 0.02
  • Quality Grade: G-H Color VS clarity
  • Setting Type: Bezel

20" Golden South Sea Pearl Station Necklace


This necklace is made of 14k white gold and features Golden South Sea cultured pearls. The pearls are spaced out along a 20-inch chain and the necklace is fastened with a lobster clasp. The overall look of the necklace is classic and luxurious and one of the June birthstones.

  • Metal: 14K White Gold
  • Chain Length: 20 Inches

Pearl Information:

  • Number of Round Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl: 9
  • Pearl si: 10-10.5mm
  • Approximate Total Carat Weight: 64.80
  • Quality Grade: AAA (Best)
  • Setting Type: Drill
  • Luster: Very High
  • Mollusk: Pinctada Maxima
  • Nacre: Very Thick
  • Origin: Philippines/Australia

11-12mm, 16" Tahitian Pearl Choker Necklace


The lustrous Tahitian pearls on this necklace will enchant you with their deep hue and iridescence. They are double-knotted on white silk and secured to a 14k white gold clasp. This 16-inch Tahitian pearl choker looks bold and stylish and fine jewelry at its best. The mirror-like reflections, near-perfect round shape, and silver overtones are immediately apparent.

  • Metal: 14K White Gold
  • Clasp Type: Corrugated Ball (Select from 4 options)
  • Length: 16 Inches - Choker

Pearl Information:

  • Approximate Dimensions: 11-12mm
  • Quality Grade: AA (Better)
  • Setting Type: String
  • Luster: Medium
  • Color: dark body colors (dark grey, dark brown, or black)
  • Mollusk: Pinctada Margaritifera
  • Nacre: Thick
  • Origin: French Polynesia

South Sea Pearl Front Back Stud Earrings


These earrings have South Sea cultured pearls on both sides and are made of 14k yellow gold. They are front-back stud earrings that look fashionable from every angle. classic and modern at the same time, these earrings have broad appeal.

  • Metal: 14K Yellow Gold
  • Backing Type: Screw Back

Pearl Information:

  • Number of Round South Sea Cultured Pearl: 2
  • Pearl size: 10mm
  • Approximate Total Carat Weight: 14.40
  • Quality Grade: AAA  (Best)
  • Setting Type: Peg
  • Luster: Very High
  • Mollusk: Pinctada Maxima (the largest pearl mollusk)
  • Nacre: Very Thick
  • Origin: Australia/Philippines

Pearl Information:

  • Number of Round South Sea Cultured Pearl: 2
  • Pearl size: 8mm
  • Approximate Total Carat Weight: 7.40
  • Quality Grade: AAA (Best)
  • Setting Type: Peg
  • Luster: Very High
  • Mollusk: Pinctada Maxima
  • Nacre: Very Thick
  • Origin: Australia/Philippines
Pinctada Maxima Shells


Angara is known for its exquisite fine jewelry and the products featured in our Pearl Perfection review are examples of their superior quality. All of the items in this collection feature impeccable craftsmanship and premium materials such as 14k white or yellow gold.

We have shown you AAA-grade pearls featured in beautiful freshwater pearl jewelry, Heirloom Akoya cultured pearls, and Golden South Sea pearls. All within exquisite designs and the perfect combination of pearls, diamonds, and other gemstones.

The Freshwater cultured pearl open stackable ring is crafted with 14k white gold and set with two beautiful Freshwater pearls, while the Akoya pearl & pear garnet drop pendant adds a unique fashionable flair and gorgeous garnet that brings out the beautiful rosé overtones.

Pearls in Fashion

From royals to celebrities, pearls have been a staple in the wardrobes of fashionable women for centuries. Contemporary fashion icons such as Meghan Markle and Amal Clooney often grace the red carpet not in diamonds, but wearing pearl jewelry.

Duchess Kate Middleton is known to be a fan of classic styling with her signature look being a simple strand of pearls. Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie is also regularly seen sporting some statement pieces featuring large baroque-style South Sea cultured pearls.

From subtle sophistication to bold glamour, these trendsetters show us how versatile this timeless gem can be when it comes to modern fashion trends! Even men are getting on board with the trend. Click HERE to find out how men are sporting pearls.

The pieces featured in Angara's pearl collection will take your style game to the next level! From classic pearl necklaces and earrings to elegant pearl pendants and rings, it will be difficult to choose.


The pros of Angara's June birthstone jewelry are virtually endless.

  • The collection is crafted with the highest quality materials, such as 14k white and yellow gold and top-quality pearls of every variety
  • AAA best grade Freshwater cultured pearls
  • AAAA heirloom Akoya cultured pearls
  • Each piece offers superior craftsmanship and embodies timeless splendor that will last for generations
  • All the gemstones used in pearl designs are graded best quality gemstones
  • Each jewelry piece is offered in all precious metals


The cons of Angara's June birthstone jewelry are few, but worth noting.

  • Pieces can be expensive
  • In the freshwater pearls, some pieces may not have as high a luster as anticipated


The prices of Angara's June birthstone jewelry are very reasonable. And right now, you can get a 12% discount on your purchase! Plus, you can get free 2-day shipping on any item. That means you will get your beautiful jewelry very quickly and save money too!

On all items you. will find that there are many options to select from in terms of metals, gemstone size and quality that impacts the price. So taking advantage of these options to craft the piece that will be comfortable for you is a great option, as well as interest-free payment plans.

Caring for Cultured Pearls

  • Do not wear pearl strands with any other jewelry that will scratch the delicate nacre coating
  • Do not expose to hairspray, fragrance, or body lotion
  • Do not store in safety deposit boxes for long periods of time (years) the nacre coating will dry out and crack
  • Remove pearl jewelry prior to playing sports or doing housework
  • Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off
  • Always store in the original packaging or soft-lined pouch
  • Professionally cleaning and restringing is recommended once a year if you wear your strands often
  • When caring for pearls at home, wipe them with a soft, slightly damp cloth
  • There are mild liquid jewelry cleaners that are safe for cultured pearls. See our article The Best Jewelry Cleaning Kits
  • Do not store pearl jewelry in a plastic bag for long periods of time. Pearls need air to retain their moisture

Customer Experiences

Customers who have purchased Angara's June birthstone jewelry are completely satisfied with their purchases. The exquisite craftsmanship, eye-catching designs, and high-quality materials make for stunning pieces that will last for years to come.

Customers appreciate the selection of metals and gemstones to choose from to customize their pieces.

They also comment on the user-friendly website that provides the information they need to make an informed decision.

Got these as an anniversary gift for my wife and she loves them. Barbara Stein in customer service was wonderful to work with, very knowledgeable and helpful.
Charles G - Verified Customer 5-Star Review - 10/27/20


Q: What materials are used in Angara's Pearl collection?

A: Angara's collection is crafted with 14k white and yellow gold, AAA best-grade Freshwater cultured pearls, Heirloom Akoya cultured pearls, and Golden South Sea culture featured in exquisite designs. Pearls are carefully selected for beauty and each piece offers flawless craftsmanship that will last for generations. In addition, each piece undergoes an extensive quality check.

Q: What discount is available on Angara's June birthstone jewelry?

A: Angara offers a 12% discount on your purchase right now! Additionally, customers can get free 2-day shipping on any item so they can enjoy their beautiful jewelry quickly and save money too!

Q: Are there options to customize pieces from this collection?

A: Yes! Customers have many options when it comes to customizing pieces from the Angara pearl collection. They can choose different metals such as 14K White Gold or Yellow Gold or platinum; select gemstones in different sizes and qualities; and take advantage of interest-free payment plans.

Q. What other quality factors are important for pearls?

A. All cultured pearls are assessed for the following factors:

  1. Size: Cultured pearls range in size from approximately 2mm - 20mm. Larger sizes are the rarest, as are small sizes in some varieties.
  2. Color & Overtones:  The body color (the first color seen) Overtones, the sheer color(s) that lay over the body color. Example: White with rosé (pink) overtones or dark gray with purple or green overtones, etc.
  3. Luster:  Surface shine and reflections – Cultured pearls can have dull to very high or metallic luster.
  4. Shape: round, near round, symmetrical, baroque - round pearls are the rarest, thus the most expensive shape within each variety – example: a round South Sea cultured pearl is more expensive than a near round.
  5. Surface Complexion:  bumps, cracks, pits in the nacre coating - Blemish-free cultured pearls are the rarest – because they are an organic material, blemishes are very common. Luster is the most important. It has been said that a flawless pearl is as rare as a flawless diamond.
  6. Nacre Quality/Thickness:  Can only be measured by x-ray or by cutting the pearl in half - The bead nucleus should not be visible through a good nacre coating.
  7. Matching: In strands, or any piece with multiple pearls, the factors above are matched as closely as possible.


Angara's June birthstone jewelry is the perfect way to add some timeless elegance and classic beauty to your look.  Each piece offers superior quality craftsmanship with high-grade materials, exquisite designs, and great payment options.

Whether you are purchasing heirloom-grade freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls, Akoya, or ultra-rare South Sea pearls, you will treasure them for life and feel more glamorous each and every time you wear them.

Next Steps

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Angara's pieces are crafted with superior materials and craftsmanship that will last for generations. By selecting from an array of metals, gemstones sizes, and qualities, you can create the perfect piece of jewelry.

Don't forget to take advantage of interest-free payment plans, free shipping and product promotions. Start shopping now at Angara.com and add a timeless touch to your wardrobe.

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Happy Shopping!

Francesca de Granville, G.G., (GIA) F.G.A.

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