Fancy sapphires refer to sapphires that come in colors other than blue, such as pink, yellow, green, orange, purple, and more.  

If you've read our article on Ruby, you known that it, along with Padparadscha are the only two varieties of corundum that have their own names.

Angara-Yellow Sapphire Ring

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Angara-Green Sapphire Ring

Bright green and very durable, a great alternative for anyone who loves green and wants to wear it everyday.  Click HERE for details.

Angara-Pink Sapphire

These fancy color sapphires are so brilliant with vibrant hues look as delicious as candy! Click HERE for more details.

The colors are a result of trace elements in the crystal structure of corundum and are responsible for the various shades of color.

The rarity of these colors, as well as their intensity, saturation, and size determine their value. Color is the most important of the 4Cs when it comes to colored gemstones!

Angara Multi-color Sapphire Band Ring

This Angara multi-color sapphire band is a terrific example of the basic hues you can find. Click HERE for a detailed description.

Fancy sapphires are highly prized for their unique and vibrant colors, and are often used in fine jewelry to add a pop of color. The exact shade and saturation of a fancy color sapphire can greatly impact its value, with some of the most sought after being a vivid pink.

Angara-Orange Sapphire Band Ring

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Because all colors of sapphires possess the same durability, 9 on the Mohs scale and excellent toughness, they are highly suitable for daily wear- and are a great option for those that are looking for diamond alternatives.

History Of Fancy Sapphires

The use of fancy color sapphires dates back to ancient times, where they were used in jewelry and as talismans for their perceived mystical properties.

The mines in Sri Lanka, Kashmir, and Madagascar have long been known for producing high-quality fancy color sapphires, particularly blue sapphires; you may be familiar highly treasured "Ceylon Sapphires"

In the 19th century, the discovery of sapphire deposits in Australia, Thailand, and Montana expanded the market for fancy sapphires.

Today, the popularity of fancy color sapphires in jewelry continues to grow, with collectors and enthusiasts valuing them for their unique colors and beauty.

Gemstone Specifics:


Pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and all shades of these colors are called a Fancy Sapphires. (If Corundum is red, it is a Ruby.) Fancy Sapphires are designated by color, i.e. pink corundum is called Pink Sapphire Purple Violet Sapphire; Yellow Sapphire, Green, and rare Orangish-Brown (Cognac) and all shades of these hues..

These sapphires have become a symbol of love and luxury, making them perfect for use in jewelry and other special pieces.

Pink Sapphires vs. Ruby

Pink Sapphire and Ruby are both varieties of the mineral corundum and have the same physical properties, but Ruby is a red variety of corundum while Pink Sapphire can range from light to dark pink.

The main difference between the two is their color, which is due to trace elements in the mineral, rubies contain more chromium than pink sapphires.

The difficulty lays with borderline stones, are they ruby or pink sapphires? As color perception is subjective, that can be a difficult call.

Because the price of a ruby is far higher than a pink sapphire, there have been many disagreements amongst gemologists and gem dealers. But the best way to make a sound decision is to reach a consensus from several experts that examine the stone in question.

Padparadscha Sapphire                                                              

Padparadscha sapphire is one of the most coveted sapphires in the world. These sapphires boast a unique and captivating color that makes them stand out among other sapphires.

The name "Padparadscha" comes from the Singhalese word for lotus blossom, referring to the sapphire's soft pinkish-orange hue. Padparadscha sapphires are often referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of sapphires due to their rarity and beauty.  Click HERE to the most exquisite padparadscha in existence! Keep in mind when you see the price that large stones over five carats are almost non-existent.

The truest colors of padparadscha sapphires are mined in Sri Lanka.

Black and White Sapphires

Before we leave our discussion on color, we need to mention colorless and black sapphires. Colorless (a.k.a.white) sapphires are a very popular diamond simulant, and are used widely as accent stones along with colored gemstones due to their scratch resistance and durability.

Black sapphires are most of the time so dark that they are opaque. Australia is well known for their excessively dark blue sapphires, so dark, that it is difficult to even discern that they are sapphire. You find them in low-end jewelry. But opaque black sapphire is a great replacement for onyx because of its superior hardness and toughness.


Corundum-Variety, Fancy Sapphire




Al2O3  Aluminum Oxide

SOURCES: Sri Lanka Tanzania Thailand Cambodia Australia Madagascar


Heat to improve color and clarity, diffused to improve color and clarity; infused with colorless substances to improve surface color.


TOUGHNESS: Excellent

CARE: Basic jewelry care

Did You Know?                                                                                        

The cause of color for both Pink Sapphire and Ruby is traces of Chromium in the gemstone's composition, but when chromium is present in Beryl it creates emerald.

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