Lab-created diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer the same sparkle and brilliance of natural diamonds without the hefty price tag. With Grown Brilliance lab-created diamonds, customers can now get their hands on stunning jewelry pieces with beautiful gemstones that are conflict free, eco-friendly, and ethically sourced. Lab-created diamonds also come with a certificate of authenticity so you know you’re getting the real deal! Customers looking for quality diamond jewelry should definitely consider lab-created diamonds from Grown Brilliance to get maximum beauty at an affordable cost.

Diamond jewelry is an essential part of any wardrobe. Whether you're looking for a timeless piece to wear every day, or searching for that perfect diamond ring to pop the question, lab-created diamonds give you a way to get the same look and sparkle as natural diamonds but at a fraction of the cost.

Grown Brilliance takes pride in offering beautiful, high-quality lab-created diamond jewelry that will last and make a statement. Their pieces feature stunning heart-shaped created rubies, round lab-grown diamonds, emerald cut-created sapphires, and colorless (E-F) diamonds for the perfect combination of style and spark. We will be taking a look at the five pieces we liked the best, and let me tell you it was not easy.

Product Specs

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Product specifications are key when selecting the perfect diamond jewelry piece. Grown Brilliance offers a variety of pieces that are sure to please, including heart-shaped created rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, along with lab-grown diamonds set in white, yellow, and rose gold.

Their 1-carat total weight Round Lab Grown Diamond Four Prong Tennis Bracelet is crafted from 14K rose gold, and in 14K yellow, white or rose gold and platinum; carat weights from 1-10 carats.

Grown Brilliance takes pride in offering quality pieces that are ethically sourced and conflict-free because their diamonds and colored gemstones all come from gem laboratories.

Their jewelry is created with only the best quality such as 14K gold, platinum, and diamonds graded FG color and VS2+ in clarity.

Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity to ensure you get the real deal.

Customer Service. From tennis bracelets to ear studs, every jewelry staple featuring gorgeous high-quality diamonds can be found in all sizes - just take your pick.

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Heart Shaped Created Ruby and 6 5/8 Carats Total Weight Round Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Necklace

  • Total Carat Weight 6.61
  • 161 Lab-created Diamonds
  • 14K White Gold
  • Rhodium Plated
  • Necklace Length: 17 Inches
  • Clasp type: Box - Double Safety
  • Lab-created Ruby: 5.9mm
Lab Grown Diamond Fashion Necklace And Ruby Heart

Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet - 7.5 Inches

  • Total Carat Weight: 1.00
  • Metal Type & Color: 14K Rose Gold
  • Clasp Type: Box
  • Bracelet Length: 7.5 inches
  • 69 Lab Grown Round Diamonds
  • Color: Colorless and Near Colorless (F-G)
  • Clarity: SI1 or Higher
  • Cut Grade: Excellent to Very Good

Emerald-Cut Lab-Created Sapphire and 1/5 Carat Total Weight Round Lab Grown Diamond Halo Pendant

Lab-created Sapphire Pendant

  • Style: Halo Pendant
  • Carat Total Weight 18-0.17TW lab-created diamonds
  • Color: Colorless and Near-Colorless (F-G)
  • Clarity: VS2 Or Better
  • Setting: Prong
  • Metal Type and Color: 14K White Gold
  • Rhodium Plated: Yes
  • Chain Length: 18 Inches
  • Chain Type: Cable
  • Clasp Type: Lobster Claw
  • Pendant Length: 0.37 Inches
  • Stone Type: Sapphire - Lab-Created
  • Shape: Step Cut facets Emerald Cut
  • Color: Blue
  • Count: 1
  • Size: 6.7 x 4.69
  • Setting: Prong

Näas 2 1/5 carat total weight Oval Lab Grown Diamond Station Fashion Necklace

  • 5 Oval lab-created diamonds
  • Total Carat Weight: 2.50
  • Color: Colorless and Near-Colorless (F-G)
  • Clarity: VS2 or Better
  • Cut Grade: Excellent
  • Metal Type & Color: 14K White Gold
  • Rhodium Plated Chain: Yes
  • Length: 16 Inches
  • Chain Type: Cuban
  • Clasp Type: Lobster Claw
Diamond Station Fashion Necklace

1 carat total weigh Round Colorless (E-F) Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings

  • Earrings Carat Total Weight: 1.00 Carat TW
  • Color: Colorless (E-F)
  • Clarity VS2 or Better
  • Cut Grade: Excellent to Very Good
  • Metal Type & Color: 14K White Gold
  • Rhodium Plated: Yes
  • Setting: 4 Prong Settings
  • Back Type: Guardian Earring Back
  • Select from a wide selection of loose lab grown diamonds
  • Select the diamond shape you prefer
Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings 1:00 Carat TW

Product Quality

Lab-grown diamonds were initially developed by General Electric in the 1950s. Only recently have they become widely used in the jewelry industry, with total global sales reaching $19 billion in 2020, however, sales are predicted to exceed $50 billion by the end of this year!

We have shopped brands that carry lab-created diamonds, as well as brands that produce and sell them, and hands down Grown Brilliance is our favorite!

Grown Brilliance takes pride in offering jewelry of the highest quality, with lab-created diamonds that are all ethically sourced (because they are grown and not mined, and are conflict-free, at the very best prices.

Using the same G.I.A. grading scales used for natural diamonds, Grown Brilliance offers diamonds graded F-G color or higher VS2 or higher clarity and cut grades from Excellent to Very Good.

Gemological Institute Of America

These high-quality stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any style. Each piece is crafted from 14K gold or platinum making them extra beautiful due to the superior craftsmanship.

Grown Brilliance offers diamonds that are sure to make a statement and be as sparkly as natural diamonds at a fraction of the price. Their lab-created diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity, that verifies that. they were created in a controlled laboratory environment using the latest technology.


  • Lab-created diamonds that are ethically sourced and conflict-free
  • High-quality diamonds graded at FG or higher, VS2 or higher in clarity
  • Variety of shapes and sizes to suit any style
  • Pieces crafted from 14K gold or platinum for extra durability
  • Certificate of authenticity with each piece to verify the origin of the diamonds
  • Get the same look and sparkle as natural diamonds without the hefty price tag
  • Made with superior craftsmanship that will last a lifetime
  • Stand out from the crowd with stunning lab-created diamond jewelry pieces featuring beautiful gemstones set in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum settings


  • Certain customers may still have doubts about lab-created diamonds, confusing them with cubic zirconia, Moissanite, or other near-colorless stones that look similar to diamonds but are not
  • As available as lab-created diamonds are, certain designs may not be available, or limited in quantity
  • Concerns about resale value- as at this point mined diamonds retain more of their value than lab-created diamonds - as secondary markets for lab-created diamonds are yet to take hold


Pricing is an important factor when it comes to selecting the perfect diamond jewelry piece. Grown Brilliance offers lab-created diamond jewelry pieces at prices that are more affordable than natural diamonds, without sacrificing quality and in many cases receiving a superior quality, quality that exists in mined diamonds but is cost prohibitive.


Comparisons are essential when selecting the perfect diamond jewelry piece, and Grown Brilliance stands out among its competitors due to its high quality and affordability.

It is important for customers to understand what they are receiving for their money - high-quality gems that are identical to mined diamonds in appearance, chemical composition, and physical characteristics such as crystal structure, and hardness (diamonds are the hardest substance known to man.)

Price comparisons are very important.

So for instance, if you compare the one-carat total weight ear studs F-G, color VS2 clarity set in 14K yellow gold from Grown Brilliance to the leading jewelry brand James Allen, this is what you will find.

Grown Brilliance: 1.00 TW-F Color-VS2-Excellent Cut - 14K WG=$900.00

James Allen - Mined: 1.00 TW-F Color-VS2-Excellent Cut  - 14K WG =$2370.00

Grown Brilliance offers exclusive offers and discounts for its customers, making their diamond jewelry even more affordable! Customers can receive up to 10% off select styles with the latest coupon code, as well as free shipping on orders over $100. Enjoy free FedEx 2day shipping and free shipping for returns.


When it comes to caring for your Grown Brilliance lab-created diamond jewelry, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure its longevity and sparkle.

  1. Clean with warm water, mild liquid soap, soft brush, rinse and dry well. Or use the recommended jewelry cleaner below.
  2. Store jewelry in a soft pouch or packaging provided. Keep pieces separate, away from other jewelry in jewelry boxes, as they can scratch other pieces of jewelry and gemstones, or be scratched.
  3. It is recommended to avoid wearing jewelry while participating in activities such as sports, heavy house cleaning, or moving.
  4. Do not wear jewelry in chlorinated swimming pools, or in the ocean.
Simple Shine Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds

Our years of experience and knowledge in the jewelry industry have helped us identify the unique opportunity and incredible need for an alternative to traditionally mined diamonds.
A Lab-grown diamond is physically, optically, and chemically identical to a natural diamond but is grown in a controlled laboratory setting using advanced technological processes.
They exhibit the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle, but are ethically sourced, conflict-free, and provide great value.
The intention behind our choice is to provide you with the finest quality in lab-grown diamonds and gemstones crafted by a brand that delivers at every level of our commitment to quality, ethics, product integrity, design and value.
We strip away the friction and ambiguity in the online diamond buying process by offering fine jewelry choices and a simple, risk-free shopping experience.
Our commitment parallels your commitment to ethical shopping and quality jewelry at an affordable price. Grown Brilliance

Q: How do I know if I am getting a high-quality lab-created diamond?

A: Grown Brilliance offers quality assurance with each piece to ensure you get what you pay for.

All their diamond jewelry pieces feature lab-grown or manmade stones graded at FG/VS2 in color and clarity or higher and Ideal, Excellent, and Very Good cut grade. This means they will sparkle just as much as any top-quality natural diamond you would find on the market today!

Plus, every purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity so you can be sure it’s genuine as well as ethically and sustainably created.

Q: Is purchasing from Grown Brilliance eco-friendly?

A: Yes! Purchasing from Grown Brilliance supports an environmentally friendly process since no mining and no destruction of the Earth is involved in producing these beautiful stones.

Additionally, all purchases come with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee your peace of mind when making your purchase.

Q. What if I order a piece and I am not satisfied with my purchase?

A. If you are not satisfied with a product, Grown Brilliance offers a 30-day return policy for all purchases.

Q. Are there other names for lab-created diamonds?

A. Yes: Lab grown diamonds, man made diamonds, synthetic diamonds.


Grown Brilliance offers stunning lab-created diamond jewelry at prices that are more affordable than natural diamonds without sacrificing quality. Their pieces feature conflict-free, lab-created stones graded that are high in color and clarity with Excellent cut grades, set in 14K gold or platinum for extra durability.

Plus, each purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee the customer is getting what they paid for.

With Grown Brilliance’s ethical sourcing and unbeatable pricing, customers can be sure their money will go towards an eco-friendly process while still enjoying beautiful guilt-free diamond jewelry that sparkles just as much as mined diamonds!  And BTW, if you happen to be looking for a diamond ring, Grown Brilliance has a wide selection of those too!

Next Steps

So there you have it. Top quality fine jewelry at affordable prices.

Ready to get your hands on stunningly gorgeous lab-created diamond jewelry that is kind to your wallet? Check out Grown Brilliance for the widest selection of ethically sourced, conflict-free gems that are sure to make a statement.

If you haven't done so already, tap or click on your favorite piece to buy the jewelry of your dreams. I know my next purchase is going to be the one-carat total-weight stud earrings in platinum. Take advantage of the great financing plan AND the 10% discount.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review! If this article was helpful, or you know someone who is interested in lab-created diamonds please share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions, please leave it below; we would be happy to answer your questions!

Happy Shopping! :)

Francesca de Granville, G.G. (GIA) F.G.A.

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